Radioamatori in aiuto alla NASA per il satellite smarrito

Da (20 gennaio 2011):

Amateur ham operators are asked to listen for the signal to verify NanoSail-D is operating. This information should be sent to the NanoSail-D dashboard at: .
The NanoSail-D beacon signal can be found at 437.270 MHz.

La NASA poi ringrazia:

Thanks to all the ham radio operators for their help in following NanoSail-D. A beacon signal has been received and NanoSail-D appears to be operating nominally and is scheduled to unfurl at 10 p.m. EST. The NASA team will confirm the sail has deployed with a ground based image as soon as it is available.


Molto interessante è anche il video di PA3GUO in cui mostra come riceve i dati telemetrici del satellite attraverso un ricevitore SDR